The goal of the interpreter is to make contact between negotiating partners speaking different languages, communicate their messages in a quality as they could speak a common language. This is our objective and credo.

Interpretation services provided:

Consecutive interpretation
In this mode of interpretation the interpreter translates a section of the message or the entire message into the target language, uttered by the speaker in parts (with pauses). It is recommended for shorter speeches, business meetings, and negotiations between two persons or in a small group.

Simultaneous interpretation
In this case the interpreter translates the speech simultaneously with its utterance, using special equipment (booth, amplification, earphones) or in some cases without equipment – in form of so called whispered interpretation, preferably for a few (2-4) persons. Usually two conference interpreters take turns to accomplish the task. This mode of interpreting is an ideal solution for multilingual conferences, professional events, or multilingual business environment. We are also ready to provide special equipment, if required.

A price quote in case of interpretation services is provided on the basis of the required language pair and the professional complexity of the task. As a minimum we invoice 3 hours in and 4 hours outside Bratislava.